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February 2010
IBI Research

Chronic Health, Treatment and Lost Time

This Quick Study builds on a Quick Study report IBI published in August 2009 on the impact of chronic conditions and co-morbidity on lost work time. Here we consider the treatment status of various conditions – never, previously, currently – and note how treatment status correlates with lost time, by condition.

For the more than 9 in 10 employees in the study sample that report at least one of 27 chronic conditions only one-third currently receive treatment for a reported medical condition. Almost a third never received treatment.

The analysis suggests that treatment status has a significant effect on reducing lost time for a wide variety of chronic health conditions. Since treatment can lead to fewer presenteeism days across at least ten chronic conditions and fewer absence days across an additional three chronic conditions, employers that ensure employees receive adequate, appropriate treatment will be able to reduce potential health-related lost productivity days.

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