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Partner with IBI to tap into research, tools, employer case studies and other resources to help clients make wiser investments in health and productivity.

  • Access the latest research and employer case studies via the Knowledge Bank
  • Benchmark lost-time programs
    • Industry’s largest benchmarking program on STD, LTD, FMLA and workers’ comp
    • Based on more than 3.5 million annual claims from 62,000 employers
    • Use as a foot in the door with prospects or a way to help clients identify opportunities to improve
  • Determine the full costs of workforce health
    • Full Cost Estimator reports on the total costs of health for a company, including absence and productivity
    • Combines all of the major components of health-related business costs into a single tool, drawing on national databases, IBI’s health assessment survey (the HPQ Select) and millions of disability, workers’ compensation, and FMLA claims from IBI’s benchmarking program
  • Estimate the total costs of absence
    • Absence Cost Estimator shows the expected number of lost workdays, wage replacement payments and lost productivity costs for any employer
  • Connect chronic health conditions to lost productivity
    • Health & Productivity Snapshot models how individual chronic health conditions impact lost time (both absence and performance/presenteeism) and lost productivity
    • HPQ Select self-report tool (developed with Ron Kessler of Harvard University) offers a deeper analysis using your own company’s data
  • Access Leadership opportunities
    • IBI is governed by members through our Board of Directors, Executive Committee and Research Committee, giving you the opportunity to guide the future of the organization and the field
  • Network and learn

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Supplier Membership Categories

Stakeholder. Partner with IBI at the highest level through our board of directors and shape the strategy of the organization and the field. Access all of our tools and research.

Charter. Advise IBI’s research agenda and help define what insights need to be discovered in the field. Access all of our tools and research.

Associate and Affiliate. Join a community of leaders working in health & productivity with basic access to our tools and research.

Membership Levels + Annual Dues
Description of Benefits Stakeholder
Join the IBI Board of Directors, help set agenda for organization, and have the opportunity to join the IBI Executive Committee Yes
Conduct an annual strategic plan for your health and productivity, with a visit from IBI to your offices Yes
Tap IBI staff for counsel on research & analysis Yes
Conduct customized benchmarking queries by geographic region, SIC 4-digit code, employer size, sex, and age distribution Yes
Participate in the IBI Research Committee and set the organizational research agenda to answer the big questions in the field Yes Yes
Access benchmarking reports by SIC major divisions Yes Yes Yes
Generate industry summary benchmarking reports by 4-digit SIC code (covers short-term disability, long-term disability, workers’ compensation and FMLA) Yes Yes Limited to 60 industry reports
Access the IBI Full Cost Estimator (FCE) tool to produce customizable estimates of health-related costs across an organization or industry Yes Yes $500 per report $500 per report
Access the Health & Productivity Snapshot tool to estimate the impact of chronic conditions on your workforce Yes Yes $300 per report $300 per report
Access the Absence Cost Estimator (ACE) tool to predict absence-related lost-productivity costs Yes Yes Yes Yes
Collaborate on webinars and seminars to promote innovation in health and productivity Yes Yes Yes Yes
Access to case studies and research digests in IBI Knowledge Bank Yes Yes Yes Yes
Be the first to access to IBI research products before they are released to the public Yes Yes Yes Yes
Claim discounts to the IBI Annual Forum Yes Yes Yes Yes
Contribute articles to IBI and be distributed online, via email, and through social media Yes Yes Yes Yes
Hone your skills through professional development webinars hosted by IBI Yes Yes Yes Yes
Link your site from the IBI website Yes Yes Yes Yes

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