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Older workers may need extra RTW support

Posted by Brian Gifford, Director, Research & Measurement

February 08, 2016 · 0 comments

New research from the Liberty Mutual Research Institute for Safety finds that older workers have longer work-related disability leaves than their younger peers. In fact, age is a more important factor than tenure when it comes to the duration of occupational disabilities.

One practical implication of the findings is that older workers might need additional support in the return-to work (RTW) process. There may be important policy implications as well.

For example, IBI presented similar findings between age and durations of non-occupational disability leaves. Essentially, as the U.S. workforce is getting older, the amount of disability lost time should grow faster than the workforce overall since older workers are at a higher risk of disability and take longer to return to work from illness and injuries. This increases the importance of effective RTW programs for occupational and non-occupational leaves alike.

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