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Forum Webinar: Online Diabetes Intervention Effects on Blood Glucose, Wellness & Productivity

Posted by Jacy Bryla

June 01, 2016 · 0 comments


The Palo Alto Medical Foundation and Turnaround Health collaborated to conduct a randomized controlled trial testing the effectiveness of a new online diabetes prevention program for overweight and obese individuals at high-risk of developing diabetes. The Alive-PD behavioral intervention focuses on reducing risk by increasing physical activity, improving eating behavior, weight loss and reducing factors such as stress. This session will discuss effects on blood glucose, weight, productivity, wellness and participant engagement.


- Gladys Block, Ph.D., Scientific Director, TurnAround Health – Marina Dolginsky, Researcher, Palo Alto Medical Foundation

Date & Time:

Wed, Jun 1, 2016 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM PDT

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