Integrated Benefits Institute

About Us

The Integrated Benefits Institute’s work emphasizes that healthy, productive employees promote healthy business.

As the leading research organization in health and productivity, the Institute provides the data, research and tools professionals need to make sound decisions in how they invest in the health of their workforces. Since its inception in 1995, IBI has been an independent nonprofit serving more than 1,100+ members—the companies that provide health and productivity services and the companies that implement health-related programs to benefit their employees and their business.

Our Research

IBI is dedicated to research that showcases:

  • Business value of workforce health. Linking workforce health to employee lost time, performance and business metrics.
  • Better measurement. Improving measures of absence, health-related job performance and their financial impacts on employers.
  • Practical evidence. Featuring employer case studies through our Knowledge Bank to show what’s working in the field.
  • Employee engagement. Showing how employee engagement and the context of the workplace influence health, cost and productivity outcomes.

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